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I'm sick of editing everything I say just so I don't offend or..hmm.."over-inform" people. You know? Online journals aren't for journals, they're for showing off. It's not just me. Think about it. So I'm getting a new account somewhere because like Amanda says, it's easier to type. So..thats it. I'm sure you're all devasted, all four of you. (Actually, many people visit- I'm getting 37 people a day! Is that just one person visiting thirty seven times? Why the hell doesn't anyone leave comments?)

PS: Come see Guys and Dolls. Have a great summer.

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I thought I'd mellowed out..I thought wrong.

"she annoys me..in the deepest, central core of my being, I am repulsed by her..whenever her bare skin accidently comes into contact with mine, it's all I can to do keep from vomiting...every time I spot her greasy, poorly dyed, stringy, unbrushed, unwashed hair, I need to grab onto a handrail or desk to keep from passing out with pure and utter disgust...every time that wiggly, uncontrollable, unblendable vibratto sneaks through the air and slips into my eardrum, I feel tears gathering at the corners of my eyes...every time I spot her fake-tanned body smashed into clothes three sizes too small, my hands start to tremble with horror..and every time I watch her dance..that horrible twisting, shapeless form, writhing around in a way that can only remind me of the special-education class's square dance...I weep for the future of humanity..."

In the meantime, go out and see a play. If you want cheap, local theatre, possibly starring someone you know, come and see Guys and Dolls (with..um..me), Footloose,(with Colin, Sammie, basically everyone you know and love from good old Broadway Bound) A Chorus Line (with Amy L., Morgan, Ashley, Ronen and MTC people) and/or South Pacific (with Amy R. and Sarah.) Community theatre is awesome. I feel like I've finally joined the club.

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Flowers for Algernon is an amazing book.

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I read this amazing one-act today. Jessica and Diego are doing it for the one-act festival next month. I'm doing props, just so I can be part of it and hang out with everyone. I am totally in love with everyone in the show, I wish I'd stopped being such a shy brat earlier and tried to get to know people. Act 2 is the best because the girls are only onstage twice, so we all talk and gossip for an hour, it's so much fun- plus Heather is having a sleepover next week! I'm so excited.

Well, I start driving school tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it just because I'm doing it, and getting it over with. I hope I know someone in the class- well, someone I get along with. That'd suck otherwise.

Seriously, go read the scene. It's great.

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This ad for Broadway Across America came in the mail, and the season for Baltimore is absolutely fantastic! 42nd Street, The Allergists Wife, Seussical, The Full Monty, and- the greatest of all- Jesus Christ Superstar! By the time JCS is playing I'll have my liscense! I think a road trip will be excellent then, we could spend a day in Baltimore. As Heidi can tell you, I like to plan things way in advance.

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Well, I got my learner's permit this morning. What a relief.

Another set of shows begin tonight. I have five people coming tonight, so I'm excited- even though I'm working tomorrow morning so I can't go to any parties.

For the show I want to get all of the girls tiny dolls (Guys and Dolls, get it) but I'm having very little luck. Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm starting to wonder about shows for next year. Personally I'd love to do The Crucible in the fall with Guys and Dolls in the spring. And you? Please tell me what you think. I love speculating about these kinds of things.

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Well, this puzzles me somewhat. I realize how little respect and reverence I hold for human life. I am irritated by the fact that the government spends so much of our tax money to house, clothe and feed murderers and rapists. I think our legal system is too cluttered and easy to avoid. In other words, it's just too easy to get away with things. There are a thousand cards to play- race, a bad childhood, and now if someone can pass themselves off as mentally retarded, they're being excused from their crime because they couldn't tell right from wrong.

Executing mentally retarded people neither appropriately punishes the criminal nor serves as a deterrent to future crimes, the majority found.

I always thought the point of the death penalty was to protect society, not to punish the criminal. It's not as if after being executed, one can learn from the mistake and apply this new moral knowledge in the future.

In the words of Molly, "please post, especially if you have something negative to say about one of my posts. I will enjoy not caring about your opinion."

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Screw the Gazette, we're in the Washington Post!

I saw The Stepford Wives which was creepy if not predictable. Whats wrong with being a Stepford wife? Honestly, if thats what the woman wants to be! (Not a robot, of course, but that "type" of person.) How is it better to force someone into becoming a bra-burning, hair-legged "hear me roar" type of woman, than to force her into becoming a starched and pressed Martha Stewart type? If she's not happy where she is, does it make a difference who's pressuring her? That is, other women as opposed to her husband. I'd love to be a Stepford wife, to an extent.

Today a few people are coming over to watch The Others. It's a reunion of Molly's party last year! Not really. But it'll be fun. I want to see them all as much as possible before everyone starts to drift away for camps or vacations.

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Our first review! Apparently we have more on the way. It's pretty good, but almost all of the negative comments are directed at the technical aspects of the show, like timing and set changes. That's why, generally speaking, opening night is not the best time to review a show.

Happy Birthday Heidi!

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I am so sick of the American Legacy ad campaign which features people who are dying from various diseases caused by tobacco use. (One of their ads is on the opening page of the website.)

Yes, it's sad and tragic that these people are going to die. Death is not a cheerful topic. But are we supposed to feel sorry for them because they smoke? You can't just blame the tobacco companies. You are not an innocent bystander, you lit the damn cigarette. It's not something that just happened to you, you chose to smoke. I agree, of course, tobacco is bad. But the companies are trying to make money. We live in a capitalist society. Make your own decisions and don't blame your mistakes on the faceless leaders of corporate America. Take some responsibility.

(Edited to add: Last night my dog Rosa ran away. Meredith found her and brought her back. That is all.)

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I've been holding this back, because you might tell me it's cruel. Pointless. Horrible. Offensive. But, when someone specifically requests it, far be it from me to restrain the linking any longer.

Enjoy it. I got it from the LYD archives, and I got there with a link from Jinny.

And just to give you an idea of whats in store...

"A wipe dissolve of the two lovers strolling, hand and hand through a wasteland." -Charles Kerr.

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I went out of my way to arrange it so I would sleep at Meredith's house tonight, and yet, I'm allergic to her cat. Honestly, thats a big thing for me. Allergies suck. Not to mention that I haven't had a quiet night alone at home in about three months. Plus, American Pie is on Fox tonight. Can you imagine how edited it will be? It'll only be about thirty minutes long. I think I just wanted to hang out with her. But we're both so tired, we'd be asleep in twenty minutes. We can hang out anytime, all summer, which is what we say every year but we never do. So now Molly and I are talking. You know, you'd think that guys get more mature but they don't. It's really disturbing to hear middle aged, married men with children, discussing masturbation and sex in general. It's kind of weird.

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I'm done with sophomore year!

And the band plays on...

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This is a horrible mistake. PBS, Sunday mornings at nine.

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You will live in House.
You will drive a Yellow Chevy.
You will marry Newman and have 7 kids.
You will be a Lawyer in Portland.

That is cool.

"OK, I wouldn't expect to find deep meaning in a song called 'Shake Your Bon-Bon,' but that has got to be one of the cheapest rhymes ever!"

And this is amusing.

Craig: God, I fucking hate all of these fucking fluff musicals with no fucking plot and no fucking dialogue and the music is so fucking cheerful, what the fuck is up with all of the fucking shit ass no plot shows, only the fucking senior citizens even fucking like them. Theres no fucking way in hell I'll ever do another fucking shit ass fluff musical.

*long pause*

Trisha: Oooh, Craig, how about Annie?

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Yesterday was graduation. I thought I'd be bawling and whatnot but it didn't really hit me, seeing my friends in their blue robes, just catching a glimpse of them through the crowd, that I might never see them again. Now we only have exams left.

Today I have French and biology. Biology is a joke; I'm not worried about that at all. But French is going to be a problem. The way I see it is, I've managed to get a B on every unit test this semester, plus this year I actually learned the vocabulary, so I know I can manage at least a C. I hope so, anyway.

Well, I'm smack in the middle of the most hellish hell week I could have ever imagined, and loving every second of it. It's like Birdie week, except that instead of bonding with the cast online, I'm bonding in person. I just wish I didn't have to worry about getting up in the morning. It took a long time but I'm finally fitting in and making friends. I'm so glad we have a long run, I get to see everybody all the time. We're going to get so sick of each other. I heard a rumor that the Post was coming to review us on Friday. It'd be cool but I sincerely doubt that they would review it; I've never seen any community theatre reviews there.

Also, I heard RMT is doing Jesus Christ Superstar at the same time the Montgomery Playhouse is doing Evita. I want to do JCS so badly!

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People can really surprise you sometimes.

Guys and Dolls opens on Friday. I'd like you to come but at the same time, I don't really care anymore. I still care about the show itself, that is, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince people to come. This isn't like with Broadway Bound or even school where you're clamoring for an audience. It's nice.

Happy Birthday Meredith!

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Whats a sirloin stack? Finally, we get a straight answer. But I'll never think of it as anything but skim da bam dee bom biddly bom boo.

Also, I need to find a creative outlet in which to perform this amazing a capella arrangement of It's Raining Men. Perhaps Chambers women next year? Or just a small group of friends? It must be done. Somehow, it absolutely must be done!

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Yesterday I got home from school, immediately fell asleep, and didn't wake up until three hours ago. I read last year's yearbook. Now I, too, can understand the magic that is Elmer. I did some homework and read Gone with the Wind.

Our old manager has extended her stay. I wish she'd stay for the next month or so! She's so flexible, and really amusing. I think this is her last week. What am I going to tell the new guy? I pretty much can't come in for the next two weeks because of tech week and exams, and I can't work my regular hours for the next three weeks because of the show, and I can't work any other mornings because of driving school for two weeks, and I can only do evenings until 5:30 at the latest. I'm just going to write everything down and give it to him. I don't really know what else there is to do. I want to keep working there, especially since it's so hard to find jobs this time of year with everyone getting a summer job.

I am looking forward to tech week immensely because it occured to me that I have about one and a half hours of the show where I'm not onstage. This translates to probably three hours backstage where I can study, if I absolutely need to. Taking into consideration how early call is, and how slow things will move, I have some considerable free time.

The show opens in less than a week!

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A potentially bad evening turned out better than I could have possibly imagined. Lets start with me walking three blocks in the rain to get to rehearsal. The show's fine, whatever, at this point we just need energy and all of the things that find their way into the performance around tech week. But then out of nowhere, Jeff invited me out to dinner! A whole bunch of people were going to Mrs. O'Leary's and he said he could drive me if I could go. This is just weird, because he acted like I was part of their little group, and I'm not at all.

So of course I went, and had an amazing time. We just sat and talked. I didn't feel left out at all. We joked and talked about theatre and shows, auditions, etc for two hours. Craig was there too and he and I actually talked to each other, sanely. It turns out that he's directing Evita, which I desperately want to do. I don't know if it'll be worth it, putting up with him. But I guess all directors are hard to put up with one way or another.

It was nice to get inside gossip on the show. There were several differences, however, between high school gossip and this kind. It wasn't mean at all- not vicious, or whatever. Honestly, there was nothing said that couldn't have been repeated in front of it's subject. But they were really honest. Stuff like "Trisha came such a long way, she totally owns the stage during the dance numbers, but remember how long it took her to pick stuff up?" It was mostly speculation about casting for future shows. Even though I hardly knew any of the people, it was definitely educational.

Other things happened today, of course. I wandered the mall alone for an hour and came so close to buying 80 dollars worth of birthday presents but at the last minute decided not to.

Tonight was great. Craig knows me now, sort of. Oh and get this, one of the actresses went to WHS and knows Mr. Brodsky! She did a show with fifteen-some years ago. But yeah, Craig and I talked and he gave me all of this bullshit about why he didn't put me in the Mission Band, and I knew it was bullshit, and he knew that I knew. But the people are so funny and honest. They kept teasing me about it being a school night.

Speaking of which I really should go to bed.

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